Our clients need their labels to comply with necessary regulations and perform reliably 
So they stay affixed in situ and withstand external conditions and forces (such as handling). And of course, they must have the right aesthetic qualities too. 
We place a great deal of focus on our label construction process 
So that our clients can be confident that the labels they receive from us will tick all of those boxes. 

Industry-specific materials 

We use different materials according to the industry that we’re providing labels for. 
For example, labelling solutions for the food industry are extremely complex and must adhere to legal requirements. 
Adhesives and papers used for food labelling, even on outer case labels, must not present a risk of food contamination in any way. 
They must be high tack, so they hold fast in cold temperatures and be oil and grease repellent. 
For all industries, the papers we use for our labels must offer excellent ink absorption, be smudge resistant and have a surface suitable for high print quality. 
Rest assured that when you print information onto labels we’ve supplied, such as barcodes or technical details, it’s there to stay. 
Find out more 
To find out more about how we can meet your company’s needs, or to request a fast quotation, please get in touch with us today. 
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